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How do I decide what to read?  It's hard to PICK a good book!

P=Purpose:  Why and how are you reading this book?

  • for pleasure?
  • to learn something?
  • reading by yourself?
  • reading with someone?
  • because I have to?
  • reading silently?
  • reading out loud?

I=Interest:  REALLY take a good look at the book.  Does anything make it likeable to you?

  • book blurb/summary on the back or inside cover
  • pictures
  • title
  • a friend liked it
  • it's part of a series you know about
  • you've see the movie or TV show
  • it's a genre you gravitate toward
  • it has a character you're familiar/identify with
  • it's pretty or new

C=Comprehend:  I understand the vocabulary.

K=Know:  I can read the words without struggle.

For C and K you have to be like Goldilocks and find the words that are not too hard, not too easy, but juuuuuuuuuuust right!  That means opening the book, choosing a random page, and READING!!

Newbery Award winners:  Given each year to an author who has made the "most distinguished contribution to American literature for children."

Coretta Scott King Award winners:  Given each year to "outstanding books for young adults and children by African American authors and illustrators that reflect the African American experience."

Good Reads:  A website that allows readers to vote on books they have enjoyed and recommend reads to other readers.  They use these ratings to create lists of recommendations and show you what's popular right now.

Elementary Battle of the Books Lists:  The NCSLMA posts the current EBoB list and also past lists.  They also post the lists for the Middle School BoB.

Scholastic:  The company known for its books has created an "If you liked this book..." list.  If there is a book you've enjoyed, you can see other books that are similar.  They also have created genres specific lists.

New York Public Library:  The NYPL has created a list of "100 Great Children's Books."

(Laura Ingalls) Wilder Medal winners:  Now given annually to authors who have made great contributions to chidren's literature.  

Other sites with web reviews and suggested reads:

School Library Journal:  Here's their "Big List" the best books of 2018.  

Junior Library Guild

Barnes and Noble