Elementary Battle of the Books

Elementary Battle of the Books


EBoB List for 2019-2020


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Not sure if you want to participate in EBoB?  Here are some things you need to know to help you make your decision!


What is EBoB?  The purpose of the Elementary Battle of the Books program is to encourage reading by all students at the elementary school level.  The competition is sponsored by the NC School Library Media Association.  Its roots are from a radio show from the 1940's.  
While this is a competitive game, the purpose is to encourage students to read from different genres, discuss quality literature, and get excited about books!

Who is on Union Grove's EBoB Team?  Union Grove's team will consist of 12 members from the 4th/5th grade.  Members are required to be full time students at our school.  We will have tryouts for the team which will consist of a multiple choice test.  The highest scorers will make up the team.  Having been on the team prior does not reserve you a spot on the current team.


15 books are on the list!  Do I have to read them all?  In order to make the team, you need to be able to answer more questions than others.  The more you read, the more answers you will know.  You need to read as many as you can, but few team members read them all.  As a team, we will read them all.  Since we play as a TEAM and not individually, it is better to read fewer books and know a lot about them than to read them all and remember little about them.


What if I'm not the best reader in my class?  That's not what this game is about!  It's not just for top readers!  It's for kids with great memories!  Do you watch movies and then remember the details of that movie months later?  Then you may be the prime EBoB player!!!  Questions for the game often ask very minute details from the books.  A great memory will be a great asset!  Books are on all reading levels and different lengths.  Try a book or two and just see what you think!


How is the game played?  6 members will play at a time.  An adult will ask a question and the team will get to talk to each other quickly to decide on an answer.  Each member of the playing team will take turns giving the "official" answer for the team.  All questions start with the phrase "In which book...."  All answers are the title and author of the book.  It's that simple!  The team gets 2 points for the correct title and 1 point for the correct author; for a total of 3 points per question asked.  If a team cannot answer, the other school's team gets a chance to answer for 2 points.  After 12 questions are asked the round is over, and the team with the most points wins.  We will play against every elementary in the ISS school district.

Here's an example:  Question:  In which book is a barber made a king?  Answer:  Tuesdays at the Castle by Jessica Day George.